"Do not forget me Istanbul" was shown at the 30th Istanbul Film Festival.

"Don't Let the Darkness Be Forgotten" was shown at the 30th Istanbul Film Festival.

"Don't Let the Darkness Be Forgotten" was shown at the International Human Rights Film Festival and forum in Geneva.

"Brutal Consciences" received the Special Jury Award at the 22nd Ankara International Film Festival.

As Film Production has been a collective of independent filmmakers in Istanbul for over ten years, bringing together filmmakers from all over the Middle East. In 2006, its co-founder Hüseyin Karabey registered it as an offical production company in order to produce "My Marlon and Brando", which has already received some international awards, thus transforming Asi Film Production into an established and successful company in the public eyes.

Resources and facilities have been built up which are now being used by a collective of filmmakers who may be temporarily based in Istanbul but tell stories from all around the region.

Asi Film produced recently "Do Not Forget Me Istanbul" with 7 international directors.

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Asi Film is a collective company formed by independent filmmakers. It produces motion picture, documentary film, short film and international co-production projects and also provides production services to international filmmakers working on projects in Turkey.

Remzi Kazmaz represented the prosecutors in the court case about the events that occurred at "Gazi Mahallesi" in 1995. Kazmaz used his experiences during the hearings as the basis for an objective study of the events and the resulting court case. After the bloody events of 1995, the relatives of the victims were forced to relive their suffering during the legal struggle. Those relatives spent many years in Trabzon court, defending their relatives. This film follows these families through the trial process and reminds viewers not to forget this two-year-long episode in Turkish history.

Director and Screenwriter: Remzi Kazmaz

Cameraman - Editor: Hüseyin Karabey

Music: Group Yorum

Producer: Remzi Kazmaz, Asi Film

Production: Asi Film

Production Year: 1998

Type: Documentary

Duration: 30 min.

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