"Do not forget me Istanbul" was shown at the 30th Istanbul Film Festival.

"Don't Let the Darkness Be Forgotten" was shown at the 30th Istanbul Film Festival.

"Don't Let the Darkness Be Forgotten" was shown at the International Human Rights Film Festival and forum in Geneva.

"Brutal Consciences" received the Special Jury Award at the 22nd Ankara International Film Festival.

As Film Production has been a collective of independent filmmakers in Istanbul for over ten years, bringing together filmmakers from all over the Middle East. In 2006, its co-founder Hüseyin Karabey registered it as an offical production company in order to produce "My Marlon and Brando", which has already received some international awards, thus transforming Asi Film Production into an established and successful company in the public eyes.

Resources and facilities have been built up which are now being used by a collective of filmmakers who may be temporarily based in Istanbul but tell stories from all around the region.

Asi Film produced recently "Do Not Forget Me Istanbul" with 7 international directors.

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Asi Film is a collective company formed by independent filmmakers. It produces motion picture, documentary film, short film and international co-production projects and also provides production services to international filmmakers working on projects in Turkey.

A Turk, born in 1915, who, after the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) was a devout nationalist and fanatic enemy of the Greeks, decides in 1947 to illegally visit the Greek north eastern mountains of Thrace in order to fight the Greek Civil War on the side of the Greek communists (guerrillas). Today, at the age of 92, he makes a journey back to Greece where he once fought to visit the battlefields and if possible, to meet his old comrades.

Mihri Belli, a famous political personality in Turkey, is 92 years old today. He narrates his tumultuous life with humour and serenity in spite of the severe risks he ran since his youth. He formed a mixed order Pomaks consisting of Muslims with Greek citizenship, gypsies and Greeks to take part in military operations in the Greek Civil War where he was heavily injured as a commander. Upon his return he continued to fight until the final defeat of the guerrillas in 1949. He returned to Turkey where he was imprisoned, exiled, and in jail met his wife Sevim, another political prisoner. He survived a murder attempt, and then fled to Europe. On occasion of this film, Belli decided to revisit Thrace and the places he fought, if possible meet his old comrades-in-arms, those who called him "Captain Kemal".

Director: Fotos Lamprinos

Screenplay: Fotos Lamprinos

Director of Photography: Simos Sarkkedzis

Editing: Alexis Bezas

Music: Yorgos Papadakis

Participant: Mihri Belli

Type: Documentary

Producer: Costas Labropoulos, Hüseyin Karabey

Production Company: CL Productions; Greek Film Center; ERT SA, Asi Film

World Sales: CL Productions

Duration: 72 min.

Fotos Lamprinos

He studied film in Moscow until 1970. Between 1970 and 1973, he examined archives in the USA and Europe for newsreel material referring to Greece in order to create the first newsreel archive for the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He collaborated with Theo Angelopoulos on the script of The Travelling Players. He directed over 250 documentaries for the Greek TV ET1. He directed the fiction film Doxobus in 1987. His films have been awarded in Greece and abroad. He is currently the head of Historical Documents at Greek ERT TV. Captain Kemal, A Comrade (2008) is his latest film.

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